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Phase II Report, Appendix 3: Technical Committee

SCWC Technical Workgroups:  Overarching duty of the workgroup is to provide guidance on the development, collection, and dissemination of information and technology for integrated water resource management and protection.  Information developed by the workgroup is an integral part of the Spring Creek Phase 2 One Water Plan report.  Members were selected for their technical abilities and diverse representation.


Dennis Hameister- Spring Creek Watershed Commission

Bill Sharp – Spring Creek Watershed Commission

Joanne Tosti-Vasey – Spring Creek Watershed Commission

Dave Yoxtheimer - Water Resource Monitoring Project

Brian Walker - Bellefonte Borough Water Authority

Andy Gavin and John Balay -Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Jason Deter and Dave Kristine - PA Fish and Boat Commission

Cory Miller/ Dave Smith- University Area Joint Authority

Dennis W. Risser- US Geological Survey

Brian Heiser - State College Water Authority

Dave Roberts - Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition

Dave Swisher - Penn State University Physical Plant

Jim Gazza - Coca-Cola Company

Ford Stryker - Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Betsie Blumberg - PA Sr. Environmental Corps

Deb Nardone - ClearWater Conservancy

Terry  Melton - Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition

Scott Heidel - PA DEP- Review only

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