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Spring Creek Watershed Action Plan

Public Forum: Sharing The Results of Phase II of the Update Project and the Next Steps Moving Forward 

On December 4th, 2018, a public forum was hosted by the Spring Creek Watershed Commission to share the results of the Phase II report of the Spring Creek Watershed Action Plan.

The public then answered interactive questions to give feedback and help steer the direction of Phase III of the Update Project. You can download both the results of the interactive questions and the PowerPoint that was shown.

If you were not able to attend the public forum, you can still contribute your thoughts and opinions to the Phase II Report!

Phase II Report Draft Online Form

Click here to submit your thoughts and suggestions 

From now until February 20th, 2019, we are still collecting feedback on the Phase II Report online! If you are interested, please follow the link to the left to be taken to an online form to give us your thoughts or send comments to


We look hearing your thoughts and opinions on the direction of the Spring Creek Watershed Update Project. Feel free to distribute this online form to any interested individuals.


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